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The choice trend of decorative lighting?

Update:13 Oct
The choice trend of decorative lighting?
We all know that lights are a must in every home. However, in the future life, what is the development trend of lighting? Many people also want to know that when decorating, I find there are many types of lights and brands and therefore have questions about purchasing. Will the following introduce you to the selection trend of decorative lighting?
1. Beautiful and practical, pursuing the ideal of individuality. The concept of home decorative lights will be beautiful, functional and personalized. Emphasizing self and pursuing individuality will be the first choice for many clients. The ever-increasing number of furniture and lighting on the market provides customers with more choices, and the personalization of customer preference directions puts forward newer and higher requirements for furniture and lighting development, thus promoting the continuous integration of furniture and lighting.
2. People-oriented, energy-saving, and environmental protection. With the increase of a new generation of highly literate consumer groups, the cultural content of home decoration will be greatly improved. In terms of furniture configuration, lighting that can reflect cultural heritage will be very popular. Whether it's decoration or furniture, the concept of "people-oriented" is used as a guiding ideology for design. As people's awareness of environmental protection increases, more and more designs and furniture made of environmentally friendly materials will increase. In the future home decoration, and lighting with environmental protection functions will be used more and more.
3. From single light source to multiple light sources. At present, the design of domestic LED Christmas string lights has changed from focusing on a single light source to pursuing the effect of multiple light sources in the past. This change shows that designers are aware of the impact of good and healthy lighting design on people's lives. In the era of a single light source, living rooms and bedrooms are usually dominated by a single light.

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