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LED string light application

Update:28 Nov
LED string light application
1. LED net lights
LED net light is a kind of holiday lighting product, which uses wires to connect LEDs into a net. Suitable for large wall decoration and ceiling lighting. Our LED net lights can be made into square LED net lights and round LED net lights. , u-shaped LED net lights, triangle-shaped LED net lights, v-shaped LED net lights, star-shaped LED net lights and other shapes, equipped with a controller to produce dimming, chasing flash, left and right flow chasing and other effects.
2. LED curtain lights
3. Causes ice light
LED ice lamps are made up of arrays of different numbers of LED lights connected in series. The controller can realize flashing, chasing and other effects. It is suspended from the eaves, mimicking the gesture of an ice bar in a northern country. The glitter effect is more effective. People approach the world of ice and snow, creating a real Christmas environment and atmosphere.
Our ice lanterns can do 1-way, 2-way and 4-way. Eight functions such as flashing, chasing, and gradient can be realized through the controller.
4. Double Ring LED Light String
LED wishful star lights are composed of extended LED light strings and external controllers, which can realize various changes of flashing lights
5. Single Ring LED String Lights
①Single-channel LED light string is always on, not expandable, and can choose a variety of colors
② Double insulation structure, each wire and each wire connector is double-insulated to ensure safety and reliability
③Waterproof, safe and reliable for outdoor use!
Application range
With the rapid development of social economy, the use of LED as a powerful advertising and decoration tool is becoming more and more common, and it has become an indispensable beautiful landscape for corporate image promotion and urban beautification.
With the increasingly intensified competition of products and services in various industries, how to establish a unique publicity image for one's own corporate image, products and logos to attract consumers' attention, brand strategy has become the top priority of marketing work. Various forms of image promotion, such as "identification system", printed matter, etc., are increasingly showing their irreplaceable role. As a high-tech product, LED string lights can be widely used in:
Municipal lighting for buildings, landscapes, environments, bridges, stadiums, airports;
·Schools, hospitals, ancient buildings, churches, companies and other architectural lighting;
Event lighting for exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows;
Lighting for restaurants, tourist resorts, restaurants, cruise ships, hot springs;
· Shopping mall retail lighting, store design, display, etc.;
Landscape lighting for grounds, water features, fountains, swimming pools and spas;
·Stage lighting for theaters, TV studios, film sets, dances, and photography;
Exhibition and teaching lighting for exhibitions, planetariums, zoos, aquariums, memorial halls;