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LED festival light is a real green energy-saving product

Update:20 Nov
LED festival light is a real green energy-saving product
LED holiday light is a real green energy-saving product. Its principle is to use the volt effect to convert the light energy into electric energy through the solar panel, store it in the battery, and supply power to the light source through the battery without electricity at night. LED festival lights are installed outdoors and are greatly affected by the natural environment. In order to ensure the service life of the system, it is more necessary to improve its ability to withstand wind, frost, rain and snow from its own configuration.
The power line in China is a three-phase four neutral grounded polar power supply. Therefore, in each part of the two overhead power lines, at the time of inducing lightning radio waves, due to the different instantaneous impedance of the two power lines to the ground, the differential mode interference voltage between the two power lines can also reach hundreds to 3000 volts. The voltage often breaks through the electrical gap between the power rectifier diode of the drive circuit and the electrodes of different polarity on the printed circuit board, and the LED controller will also damage the drive circuit.
Nowadays, more and more LED holiday lights are used. LED festival lights in urban and rural areas can be seen everywhere, and their progressiveness is increasingly prominent. With the wide use of LED holiday lights, many consumers want to know about LED holiday lights. Solar panel is an integral part of LED festival lights. They absorb the sun's light energy and convert it into electricity through the controller and battery. Therefore, the lighting time of LED holiday lights is longer and shorter. LED festival lights use solar energy as road lighting at night and adopt LED light source design with high luminous efficiency. They have the advantages of high brightness, green and environmental protection, simple installation, stable and reliable operation, no cable laying, no conventional energy consumption, etc.