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How an Elegant, Eye-Catching Effect Effects Made Simple?

Update:15 Jan
Every year as the holidays creep closer, every Christmas and holiday lighting lover starts brainstorming and planning with the same question in mind- How am I going to make this years’ display the best one yet? Christmas light displays are becoming as common as Christmas trees themselves! That means it’s getting increasingly more challenging to make your decorations stand out. But who doesn’t love a good creative challenge? Of course, the first step is setting up a solid base with dependable LED decorative curtain lights, but from there the possibilities are limitless.

With so many options available, it can seem overwhelming making a choice. Creating a stunning display, that easily covers more wall space or windows, where your lights come to life with dazzling movement has never been easier than using our LED Curtain Lights. Each set is 10’ long and creates a rain and waterfall effect in warm white as soon as it’s plugged in. Its green wire is designed to blend in with the background so the magic of the lights are the true focal point of your fun, new display.Our ready to use Chasing Rain Curtain in Warm White is sure to bring whimsy to any holiday or event.

With brilliant LED bulbs that have a 50,000 hour life expectancy along with exceptional energy efficiency, you’ll be able to keep your Curtain lights running all season long with no issues and still have them ready to be used again for the next holiday season. Maybe even keep them handy for just a night at home when you’re wanting a little extra ambience! But if you’re feeling inspired to create a completely custom design, our Curtain Tap options in white and green are the gateway to a display that’s all your own.Warm White Chasing Rain Curtain makes a beautiful, elegant backdrop for a winter wonderland theme or wedding event, but what if you’re aiming for something more fun and colorful?

Let your imagination run wild with Custom LED Icicle Curtain Taps that allow you to make your own icicle lights by connecting some of your favorite LED Light Strings for a customized curtain wall. Each Curtain tap is 10’ long and has 28 accessible drops that connect to coaxial ends of commercial string lights. A quick browse through our impressive line-up of LED string lights is sure to get those creative juices flowing and show you the infinite possibilities of what you might create. Whether you’re wanting to go with a specific color combination for your favorite holiday or looking to light up a space with just one color, you can make it happen! The curtain tap allows you to easily nail that “completely covered in Christmas lights” look that many professional lighting displays aim for. Bring the magic of a full-blown Christmas light walkthrough right to your front yard!